Services/Products Offered

1. Metal Clay Designs - Handcrafted artisan pieces using silver clay. What is Metal Clay? Metal clay consists of tiny metal particles mixed in an organic binder and water formula; making it a clay that can be manipulated in wet and dry forms.  During firing, with a torch or kiln, the binder and water burns away. This leaves just the metal. Metal clay comes in fine silver (.999 silver), gold (22K), sterling silver, bronze, copper, and steel. 

2. Custom designs - want something to wear with that special outfit? We can create a piece; using beads and/or metals.

3. Restringing/knotting pearls/beads.

4. Personalized jewelry - names, initials, special sayings, affirmations, birthstones and zodiac.

5. "Charming Prints" - fingerprint, pet prints, handwriting and artwork charms.

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6. Kumihimo Braiding. What is Kumihimo? It is a traditional Japanese braiding. The techniques go back to the time of the Samurai. The braids that lace the different sections together on the Samurai Armor is Kumihimo.

Classes coming soon!

Want to learn how to make jewelry? Basic stringing and metal clay classes coming to Studio LMS!

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