"I attended the Handworks Market in Jackson, MS back in November 2017.  As I stopped by Lana Stamper’s booth, there was a jewelry piece that just caught my eye.  I loved it!  I tried it on and loved it just that much more!  It was a cross on a snake chain.  I shopped the rest of the market & would not let myself buy much, because I wanted the cross necklace so bad and I knew something better would have to catch my eye for me to change my mind.  Needless to say, I went back to her booth & purchased the necklace that I knew was mine from the time I laid eyes on it.  I am well pleased with this item---it’s beauty, its uniqueness---you can just see it was made with love! I love it so much so that I contacted Lana about making me a chain for my black pearl that my dad had bought me in Hawaii back in 2007.  I was undecided on which chain I should get.  I wanted one that would look good with my pearl but not take away from the pearl’s beauty.  I asked Lana for her advice & she suggested a wheat chain.  It is perfect!  It looks very nice with my pearl.  Both jewelry pieces I purchased are very nice & durable!  I look forward to doing business with Lana in the future!"

Melissa S.  Ethel, MS

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"Lana and her jewelry have been a part of my life for the past fifteen years. Lana's one of a kind pieces have accompanied/accessorized me to balls, weddings, and many other celebrations. They have also been key parts of my day to day activities - church, school, the grocery store and casual evenings out. Lana's creations are unique, versatile and timeless. Lana's ability to combine stones, colors and metals makes for jewelry choices you may have not imagined, but thankfully, Lana has."

Stephanie B.  Natchez, MS

"Lana is very talented. I have purchased many of her pieces, each one unique and one of a kind. Her imagination is unmatched and the quality is superb. I always look forward to seeing what's next!"

Carol J.   Natchez, MS

"Lana's jewelry is one-of-a-kind that is designed by hand. These customized pieces are "all your own"! I have many pieces that are "eye-catching". I love her unique, creative styled jewelry!!"

Judy P.   Austin, TX

"Everyone will be wanting to know where you got your jewelry. Lana's unique and custom pieces turn a plain outfit into something special. A very pleased customer."

Marcia P.   Natchez, MS

"I love this jewelry!! Everything from whimsical to nature to architect!! She does it all and with class! I'm addicted!"

Hope S.   Fulton, MS